How It Works

Take the first step

When you join Buddy With, you join a community of parents across the country. It’s hard to find local, direct support – so, we specialise in bringing people together with similar families, whether that is twins, special needs or just mums who need some downtime to relax. 

 If you are joining us for the first time because you are reaching out to find that support, you are very welcome. Sharing our experiences with other parents is vital for all of us and our hope is that you will return and support more parents with what you learn. 

Because, together we are stronger. 

We are more than just an online community – we believe that direct support and growing relationships are very beneficial. Send personal messages to other women via Buddy With and then meet them locally, either on a one-to-one basis or group events and support organisations in your area. The choice is there, whatever you need.