Build A Bond and Create A Love of Reading

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Yuliana Topazly
Build A Bond and Create A Love of Reading

Build A Bond and Create A Love of Reading

The recent pandemic has pushed all of us to the brink: businesses closing, children forced to stay indoors, and almost zero socialisation. But, despite these challenges, the recent COVID pandemic has also brought out some good, atleast, when you look at it from a different perspective! 

At the height of COVID cases, many companies were forced to continue their business operations remotely, sending most of the workforce to work from home. So, working parents now spent the whole day, every day of the week inside their homes and with their children. Busy working parents who once had little to no time to spend with their kids would have to stay the whole day at home. If you come to think of it, the recent COVID has given the world the opportunity to reconnect with the people who matter most. 

People have also become very creative just to entertain themselves while staying at home. More importantly, the “new normal” has brought families together. The extremeness of the disease had made all of us realise the vulnerability of life, and that, it should be lived to the fullest with each passing day, because tomorrow is not promised. 

One of the positive effects that the pandemic brought is that children had more time to spend with their parents. Parents also took the opportunity to be able to bond with their little ones whilst staying indoors. Keeping the children entertained without their gadgets and screens also became a challenge. Staying at home brought more downtime to the kids which makes it very tempting to give them gadgets instead or increase their screen time to keep them “well-behaved”. 

For most parents, books were a better alternative to entertain the kids. Books encourage parents and their children to build a bond by reading stories together. 

A study conducted by the National Literacy Trust suggests that: 

“Parental support in the form of early, shared reading for enjoyment is associated with greater frequency of reading for enjoyment in older children.” 

This means, that shared reading actually benefits the kids long-term. The act of reading with the child and spending quality time with them, joining them in their imagination and enjoyment, on its own, is the reason why kids are more likely to be engaged in books in shared reading than being left to read on their own. 

“Children’s learning during shared reading has been found to be somewhat

dependent on how well parents are able to “bridge the child’s world and the world

of the book” (Bus, 2003)

“Bridging” the child’s world and the world of the books means that as a parent, you are able to help them imagine the story and see themselves in the story. This is very important, especially to parents of children who don’t have any inclination to read any type of book. Bridging the world of the books and your child’s world makes them get hooked into reading not only because you tell them that it’s good for them, but because they actually do enjoy the stories! Moreover, personalised books also help children get more hooked on the stories and it has a more lasting impact on the children. It’s the best book option to get children started on their reading journey! 

Super Personalised Books was created for the purpose of creating a magical bond, with each book having more than 400 variations, your child will love it when they are the hero of their own adventure.

Shared reading also encourages a healthy conversation between the parent and the child. Enjoying a book together helps spark a common conversation that both the parent and the child can relate to. Many parents overlook the importance of having a meaningful conversation with their little ones. But these things, these little things, actually matter and it makes a lasting impact on the children. Conversations encourage the child to speak up more about their feelings and experiences. As a parent, you will be able to understand your child’s behaviour and personality when you spend more time talking with them. More importantly, it builds trust both ways.