Top Tips to Boost Your CV during a Career Break

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Yuliana Topazly
Top Tips to Boost Your CV during a Career Break

Top Tips to Boost Your CV during a Career Break

Unfortunately many times parents find that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for jobs, especially after they have taken time off to raise their children. Returning to an ever evolving workplace will present many challenges, including changing career paths or a need to gain more skills. Here are some top tips to make your CV stand out:

Templates- Many software programmes such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs provide users with ready made template designs which you can use to enhance your CV layout. It will also help you to provide the key information that employers are looking for.

Date Format- Depending on how long you worked in previous jobs, it could be beneficial to use Month and Year formats. Others simply write down the Year they worked, so if you took a year off, it won’t appear to be such a large gap in your employment. 

Volunteer- Even while you are not in paid employment, there are opportunities for you to gain valuable work experience. You can be involved in your child’s school parents association, where you can aid in planning of events such as school fairs. Parents are often also asked to help design leavers books and tshirts, do gardening, and organize charity fundraising activities.  

Online Courses- It may not always be possible with young children, however, there are many self paced online courses that you can do to learn new skills or get updated on the latest trends and technologies relevant to your field. This does not mean you have to apply to expensive universities for a Masters Degree. There are a number of free courses available on platforms such as The Skills Toolkit, Microsoft Learn, and Google Digital Garage. Other platforms such as LinkedIn, Udemy and Coursera also offer low cost courses with certification.

Job Searches - Be informed of the various roles out there that you would like to get into and see what the requirements are. This will help you understand what additional skills or qualifications you need.

Network- If your family/friends have businesses, see if you can offer to do some tasks for them on an ad hoc basis. Not only will you be gaining experience and learning new skills, it is also a great way to demonstrate ongoing employment.

Hobbies - Turn your hobbies into entrepreneurial skills, such as photography, writing, or baking. Nowadays many mums are showcasing their talents on social media platforms such as Instagram, and have turned their hobbies into profitable side hustles. 

Visibility- Social media sites such as LinkedIn have revolutionized the way employers are now advertising jobs and vetting applicants. In essence, your entire profile becomes your CV. Ensure that you create a profile and keep it up to date.  Also start building your network by adding your colleagues from previous employment and add any certificates or portfolio items you wish to display. 

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