Turning Over a New Leaf in Life

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Yuliana Topazly
Turning Over a New Leaf in Life

Turning Over a New Leaf in Life

Usually it is after the winter holidays and when the New Year begins that we give some thought to where we are in life and if we want to make any changes or resolutions. However, autumn and the new school year are as good a time as any to take new classes, learn new skills and hobbies, or even launch an exciting business venture.

 Many people had the chance to explore undeveloped talents during lockdown, but those talents can still be pursued further. Perhaps it is time to finally learn that foreign language or complete that DIY project. You might even have a hobby or skill that you have become an expert at, so why not take a step further and start your own business? 

Choose Your Idea

Often times it is that initial push that is needed. We don't know where to start on big projects. Even though starting a business can seem daunting, all you need to do is give some exposure to whatever is your passion. You may have some original ideas, a hidden expertise or even a family recipe that could be turned into a successful business. The important thing is to focus on what you really enjoy.

 Create Pages on Social Media

 Whether it is calligraphy, cooking, or crocheting, you can start by using social media platforms to advertise your business. As you get more followers and subscribers, your orders will increase and then you can eventually expand your business. There are many platforms, so start with the ones you are familiar with until you can expand enough to have a team of assistants.

 Check for Local Events

 Besides a digital platform, it will be socially therapeutic and uplifting to find local events such as fundraisers, fairs and festivals to advertise. Many such events look for small businesses to hold stalls. Not only will you make new contacts, the whole experience will benefit your business. It is important to find the target audience for your product or service. 

 Finding Sponsors and Funds

On a practical note, whatever your business venture is, you will initially need some funding for necessary materials. Perhaps family members or friends will be willing to assist, or some satisfied customers can be a good place to start. Eventually, there are business loans to help those dedicated and determined.

Finally, it is important to remember that every experience in life is like a stepping stone or a leaf of a tree. It is a moment in our greater journey and ultimately we will benefit from the experience regardless of how financially successful we are.