Getting Kids Interested in Eating Healthy

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Yuliana Topazly
Getting Kids Interested in Eating Healthy

Getting Kids Interested in Eating Healthy

The temptations of junk food and fast food aimed at children are constantly around us. As parents, our role is to model healthy eating habits for our children to ensure they have the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

5 a day

Encourage your children to get at least 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. You can find reward charts that they can keep track of their intake.

Simple recipes

Another way is to find easy recipes that the children can take the lead in preparing or help out with. Slicing fruits for fruit kebabs and smoothies, and chopping vegetables for soups or roast vegetables are great sides that can accompany some meals.

Let them feel the produce

There are many ways to teach your kids about how food is grown. You can get seeds and plant in your garden. You can also go to a pick your own farm and see how happily they will participate in picking fruits and vegetables and even be open to trying new ones that they may not be familiar with. 

Change where you shop

Go to local farmer’s markets where the fruits and vegetables will be on display, without the distractions of the junk food in the supermarkets. You can also subscribe for fruit and vegetable delivery boxes and ensure your household always has a regular, healthy selection on hand. 

Fun experiences

Associate eating healthy with fun memories. Instead of buying ice cream from the van, pack a delicious picnic lunch on a fun family outing void of any junk. When children are hungry and know that there aren’t any other options, they are more than likely to eat what is in front of them. 

Try new diets

If your household regularly has meat, you can opt for a Meat-free Monday. The key is to get children involved and by allowing them to help plan out Monday’s vegetarian or vegan menu. If it goes well, you can add another day or some more meat-free meals throughout the week.

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