Positive lessons we can learn from Lockdown

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Yuliana Topazly
Positive lessons we can learn from Lockdown

Positive lessons we can learn from Lockdown

While many are eagerly waiting for the days lockdown restrictions are lifted, for some Life after lockdown may feel uncomfortable. In lockdown, we had an opportunity to be comfortable, we spent time with our families, we played board games, and made fun arts and craft activities. We tried new recipes and had all of our meals together. 

The most important lesson is to slow down and live in the moment. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, or which one of our family members will be here next year. Let’s rekindle all of our kinship bonds with our families, extended family and relatives. Create those Whatsapp groups and share photos and have regular conversations with the people you love. If you live far away from family members, make your first holiday post Covid, to visit family. There will be no greater satisfaction than enjoying their company after such an unusual year. 

Most of the stress in our lives was actually caused by our busy lifestyle. The commute, the overbooking of social appointments, extracurricular activities. There was just never enough hours in the day, or enough time to accomplish everything. 

We found things to do around the house that in normal circumstances, we just would never have had the time. We decluttered wardrobes, cleaned more, did gardening, and baked yummy treats.  We could read books, watch shows, and overall just learn to be at peace with ourselves. 

What positives have you experienced in lockdown, and what adjustments will you make so you have more time in Post Lockdown life?

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