Tips for Families for Getting Back to a ‘New Normal’ Post-Lockdown

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Yuliana Topazly
Tips for Families for Getting Back to a ‘New Normal’ Post-Lockdown

Tips for Families for Getting Back to a ‘New Normal’ Post-Lockdown

The Coronavirus Pandemic undoubtedly caused immeasurable loss, grief and took an immense toll upon the world’s population like nothing we have ever experienced.  While many struggled with the sudden isolation, some sought comfort in being secluded in their homes. Getting back into the “normal” routine may not seem so familiar anymore. However, on the flip side, the seasonal changes and longer daylight hours will greatly uplift our mental health. 

Take things slowly

Just because restrictions are eased, does not mean you have to become a social butterfly overnight. You may not have spoken to people much during the lockdown. Zoom meetings with friends may not have been your thing. You were stuck at home with a baby and a toddler. Even though all restaurants and venues may be open, do not feel the pressure from social media to meet up with everyone at once. Proceed with caution, such that if an outbreak does occur again amongst your friends, you will still be able to trace your contacts. With the weather warming up, take advantage of the outdoors as fresh air can greatly improve one’s mental health. Instead of restaurants, you can have picnics in the park. 

Treat yourself

Although many families have struggled financially over the course of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate. Everyone can find ways to celebrate the end of lockdown in their own way. Whether it is an indulgent experience, delicious meal, a short break, trip to the seaside, a picnic with friends, a hike in the woods, or even a much needed haircut!  

Go on, you deserve it!

Do what makes you happy

How many times have we been in situations where we are at a party or gathering, and you are silently contemplating any excuse to leave. You may find you no longer have the mental energy to last in a social engagement, let alone the investment of time. There’s chores to be done at home or catching up on some work, or even you just want to relax in your pyjamas and watch tv on your own. 

Plan Ahead

Keeping a calendar or white board which allows you to plan for the week ahead will be very helpful, and also motivate you to do your tasks and stay on top of things. Whether it is going back to the shops regularly, scheduling a walk, meal prep, or meeting a friend, pre-planning can help you see your week ahead at a glance.  

Maintain a Routine

The lockdown wreaked havoc on our daily lives and now it is time to re-establish our routines. 

Many people’s sleeping patterns may have taken a hit, and it will take a few days to adjust sleeping patterns before returning to work or their regular daily activities. Ensure you are also having your meals on time, incorporating exercise, as well as some other leisure activities that bring you joy.