Time to Upskill

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Yuliana Topazly
Time to Upskill

Time to Upskill

While many of us find ourselves unemployed or furloughed, now is the perfect time to reassess our career goals or seek a new career path.  With extra time on hand, it is a good idea to upskill your talents, or learn a new trade.

You may also find your previous educational qualifications are no longer relevant in today’s job market, or you are unable to progress in the way you had envisioned. If this is the case, there are many options for you to restart onto a new path.  With changing family environments, many also are seeking opportunities with flexible working patterns.  

Update your CV

If you need help updating a CV, our partners at My Outspace are here to support parents in Croydon. They offer FREE employment/self-employment advice and can also mentor you in setting up your own business. If you need support printing your CV, they are also happy to support you with that as well as many libraries are still not open to the public.

Learn a new skill

There are many tutorials available on Youtube for you to learn new skills. Whether you want to learn how to make videos for Social Media, cake decorating, makeup artist skills, hairstyling, or tailoring, you can learn these from established channels. These skills will give your CV a boost and you will discover you have many talents waiting to be unlocked!

Capitalize on your hobbies

Do you have a particular hobby that you are especially good at? It could be making art, baking treats, upscaling old furniture, or knitting baby blankets! Whatever your hobby is, see if you can transform it into a small business. You can start off by selling on Etsy, Ebay, or in local Facebook groups. It is always important to be passionate about your work and doing a job which you love and find meaningful.

Free Courses are available

You do not necessarily have to go back to University to get an expensive degree. There are many low cost or FREE Accredited course options available online for you to get certified in new skills.

We have compiled a list of some of the best

The Skills Toolkit


Google Digital Garage

Facebook Blue Print

LinkedIn Learning


Khan Academy


Learn My Way

Also please check out My Outspace's FREE courses and webinars.