Eating Healthy and Staying Active in Lockdown

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Yuliana Topazly
Eating Healthy and Staying Active in Lockdown

Eating Healthy and Staying Active in Lockdown

With so many parents stuck trying to work from home while also home-schooling their children, it makes it difficult to be on top of all aspects of our lives. Many families we spoke to found it challenging to ensure they stay active as well as eat healthy food. In this blog we offer some suggestions how families can encourage healthy eating habits among all family members as well as stay active.

 Manage your grocery shopping

Try sticking to once a week delivery, and just popping out for essentials as needed. This will give you

an idea for meal preparations and planning. You can also be in control of how much junk food and

sugary sweets are coming into your home, whereas a shopping trip with the children would end up

with the children picking up several unhealthy treats. Keep the goodies stashed away in a secret

cupboard but don’t be tempted yourself! Keep extras hidden in the boot of your car.

5 A Day Out

Ensure everyone in the household is getting their 5 a day of fruits and vegetables. Some great days

out can include visiting local Pick Your Own farms. The children will get excited and encouraged to

eat vegetables if they had the joy of picking it out by themselves. You can also make healthy

homemade, sugar-free lollies out of the fruits. Again, they will be excited to eat their own creations.

Ditch the Excuses

Many have attributed gaining weight during quarantine to the fact that gyms are closed. You do not

need to have a pricey membership to be fit. Some simple ways of being active are biking, hiking,

riding a scooter, roller skating, running, and walking. But you do not need to spend a fortune on

outdoor leisure. Jump ropes, frisbees, hula hoops, balls, and sticks and stones can keep you and

your children entertained and active for hours.

It may not always be possible to get outdoors as the climate is unpredictable. Have some stay at

home options, such as watching workout videos on YouTube or simple activities the children can do

at home if the space permits. Running up and down the stairs is another fun and easy way to

workout at home.

Always Be a Step Ahead

If you have peckish children who tend to be impatient while you are cooking their meal, have some

apples, carrots, and cucumbers sliced up. This way they are having a healthy ‘starter.’

 Measure Good Health

Fill up water bottles for the children just like they would take to school so that they can also see and manage their daily water intake.  Another great way to manage your activeness is to have daily targets and a means to measure your goal. You do not need to purchase any expensive devices. Smartphones will measure your daily steps and distance.  You can pick a landmark which you know is a mile away and walk or jog back, or you can simply schedule a set time and walk for 30 minutes. Set small, achievable goals and gradually increase over the weeks as this will encourage and motivate you. As always, see what works best for you and your family.