How to Support Your Mental Well-being while in Lockdown

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Yuliana Topazly
How to Support Your Mental Well-being while in Lockdown

How to Support Your Mental Well-being while in Lockdown

How to Support Your Mental Well-being while in Lockdown

Some people may find the sudden isolation suffocating and the silence deafening, and this will evoke all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Remember, this is only a temporary measure and soon life will get back to normal. But in the meantime, it is important to feel content with your surroundings.

Have a Routine

Keep a regular routine going. It can be easy to fall into a trap of staying up late, oversleeping, or having naps during the daytime.  But try keeping the schedule similar to school days for the children. Eat at your normal mealtimes and enjoy having your meals together without any rush. Set aside time for home schooling, play time with children, and other fun family activities. Also set aside personal time for yourself.  

Explore new hobbies

It’s important to keep your mind active and stimulated.  Try some new courses or learn new crafts from tutorials on Youtube. Read some books you have had at home but never got around to. Listen to enlightening and uplifting podcasts. As the weather is warming up, spend time planting seeds in the garden. Make cooking a fun, family activity and try out new recipes with your children. Don’t feel pressure to take on enormous DIY projects at home such as painting the whole house. Instead choose small tasks such as rearranging photo frames, organizing cupboards, and clearing clutter. If we are at home in an overwhelming environment, then it won’t be a place we would be happy to be in during Lockdown. Celebrate birthdays in fun and innovative ways and create memorable family art and photos.

Being social while Isolated

Schedule regular video calls with friends and family members. There is a different feeling when you are sitting in a group chat and seeing all your friend’s faces on a screen. Get involved with different causes or create special interest groups such as book clubs or home schooling groups.

Be Mindful of Bad News

Keep up to date on the news but don’t be glued to the television. Too much negative information can cause anxiety, especially when there is too much conflicting and controversial news reports. Have some screen free time to disconnect from social media and constant information.

Take Care of your Physical Body

Ensure you are maintaining good hygiene. We sometimes fall into a rut when we are not going anywhere or seeing anyone.  Avoid irrational and destructive behaviours such as excess drinking or taking drugs. Take the time to prepare healthy and well-balanced meals. Ensure you are getting physical activity as well, whether it is going for a walk or doing an intense at home workout.

Plan for the future

Many families are affected financially by this crisis which will cause anxiety and force many toreassess their lifestyle. Focus on the essential expenditures and be content with what you already own. If you are struggling, you may be entitled to further government assistance.

 Be Kind

Check in on family members and help your neighbours out. With this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week’s focus being on kindness, let’s not forget to be kind to ourselves as well. Don’t be overly ambitious about what goals you want to achieve in lockdown. Focus on the present and on you and your family’s well-being.


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