Home Schooling Children During Lockdown

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Yuliana Topazly
Home Schooling Children During Lockdown

Home Schooling Children During Lockdown

Home schooling Children during Lockdown


Every school may have a different approach to expectations during Lockdown. Some schools are conducting live lessons online and children are expected to be present and participate. Check with your children’s teachers to find out what homework or projects they have been given, how it is to be submitted and when it is due by.  Prioritise your children’s schedule by ensuring they do the work that is due first. Some schools may not be having mandatory assignments but have given optional homework.  This is a good way to ensure that learning is still taking place but without any pressure.

If your child has an upcoming exam, encourage them to keep revising and practicing a bit every day, and not to let the uncertainty of the future discourage them.


Some households work well with a set schedule.  However, others may not work well with time, particularly if there are children of different ages, or parents are working from home as well. Each day should be taken as it comes. Have a study area where they are best focused. Have a daily checklist for each child so that everyone knows what the day’s expectations are. This way they can manage their time efficiently. Be organized and have the children keep their papers, books, writing utensils all in an orderly fashion so everything is accessible when needed.  Ensure they do a half hour PE session everyday to get some exercise. There are many fun workouts for children available on Youtube.  Parents will have to participate as well, in order to motivate the children to keep going when they get tired. 

Just because we are on lockdown does not mean we lose track of the days.  Weekends are to relax and have quality family time.  Don’t put pressure on yourself or the children to do any learning. Play board games, watch movies, bake together, sing and dance, and enjoy the moment.

Self Care

Many parents are finding it difficult to get a minute to themselves and can get overwhelmed. Set up the children with an activity or movie, and use that time to go in another room and catch up with family and friends, have some tea, or read a book.  With the weather warming up, you can go for a family walk, especially if you do not have access to a garden outside your home. If you do have a garden, you can let the children have some playtime while you take a break and have some quiet time for yourself.


We are always reminded to be mindful of our children’s screen time. However, many parents are finding this to be a challenge during lockdown.  Unless they need to use screens for their homework, let them earn their time by doing homework, reading, and chores. You can have a reward chart with stickers for tasks completed to encourage the children to keep working hard and earn their rewards.

Additional Resources

If you are finding home schooling overwhelming, there are many educational resources available online.  This is especially helpful when parents need to refresh their memories on maths or grammar concepts they may have long forgotten. Check out our website for some great lockdown educational resources.  And remember to take it easy and appreciate teachers for their hard work and valuable service they provide for your children.