Stacy, Crazy mum of three

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Yuliana Topazly
Stacy, Crazy mum of three

Stacy, Crazy mum of three

Stacy, Crazy mum of three


My name is Stacy and I am a mum of three children with each of them having different needs.

my oldest 14 has ASD ADHD Sensory possessing disorder eczema asthma and various allergies. my Daughter 12 has ADHD, PDD(another form of autism) Anxiety and a heart condition known as supraventricular tachycardia Parkinson. My 3 year old was born and contracted group b strep which is a virus that crosses during labour from mother to child and causes many complications. He also has several allergies and food intolerances and spent his first 18 months in and out of hospital.

Since becoming a mum life has been a huge challenge with trying to juggle being a mum a partner and work was near impossible so something had to give and it was work as my mother in law could no longer cope with my son due to his extra needs.

As a family we have been through so much but it made us stronger though i never felt that way at the time. Not long after i had my daughter I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and was give so many drugs to try and help but never ever really worked and the side effect were horrendous as they were for both my son and daughter who were both on medication for their conditions too.

I then found out about homeopathy and soon after about nutrition and what role it plays in health. Soon after I had my last child a friend had introduced me to a holistic therapy called kinesiology and since implementing nutritional changes and getting to the root cause of lots of our health issue were as a family are almost medication free. which is incredible for us.

we had to find a different way to experience life I was miserable and depressed and could no longer go on like it. So I embarked on a journey of self-love and development and decided i needed to be the best version of myself so I could be the best mummy I could for my children.

I have read so many books and I’m part of such a beautiful community of fun loving supportive people which makes life much more enjoyable as being a mum with children with specials needs can be lonely as most of my friends could not cope with what we were going through and the actions of my son that they stopped all contact.

I have attended many classes to help with children behavior nutrition courses read many books so I can have a full understanding and knowledge of how I can move forward and help my children with what they needed.

Self-care is very important taking time for you. as mums we are last on the list of priority when we should be at the top as we cannot give our best to our children and that when emotions can take over and the we cannot respond to difficult situations with ease & love but we react with pain, anger, tiredness, failure, fear.

I am happy to connect and help other mums in a similar situation.