Where can mums access support when they are feeling alone or lacking in confidence in going out with their baby?

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Yuliana Topazly
Help & Support For New Mums

Help & Support For New Mums

Help and Support For New Mums

Where can mums access support when they are feeling alone or lacking in confidence in going out with their baby? Many women report feeling isolated after they have a baby. This can be due to many factors, including relationship status, location from family, or being new to an area.  In a survey commissioned by AXA PPP healthcare and Netmums, “more than a quarter of first-time mums admit to feeling lonely, with 24 per cent also admitting they had no family nearby to help with the workload of caring for a young child.”

Talking about your situation with your GP can help, as they can assess whether you need medical intervention or some encouragement in uplifting your mood by changing your routine a bit.  Perhaps counselling or therapy can help you offload and share your feelings, as often times mums have no access to having any conversations with adults.

There are free services out there that can help you meet other people in similar situations. 

  • BuddyWith is a service which pairs mums with a real mum mentor, who can offer you support based on their own personal experiences.  
  • HomeStart Croydon can pair you with a peer volunteer who can visit you in your home and accompany you in local outings.
  • BestStart Croydon connects you with a Family Support Network who can further guide you on services offered in the local area and work with you to achieve your goals for your family by liasiing with schools and health visitors.
  • Childrens’ Centres throughout Croydon are a great place for meeting mums in similar situations. There are drop in and play sessions, baby massage courses, cooking with toddlers classes, and also parenting courses with free creche provided.  There are even courses to help you get back into employment and refresh your digital and online skills.  Check your local centre for the latest listings. Not only are these places great for mothers, the children are also benefitting from the environment, aiding in their development.
  • Libraries- There are also many events in the libraries suitable for babies and toddlers including Story time and Rhyme time.  They are also a great place to meet other mums.  Check the links for your local library listing.
  • Church play groups- Depending where you live, you can contact the local churches or other places of worship to find out if there are any play groups currently on.

Sometimes taking the first small steps by going to these events and activities can increase your confidence in getting out and about with your little ones.  It can then open up a whole new range of opportunities and reveal your inner strengths that you never knew existed within you.  You will also meet others who are going through the same battles that you are, and know that you are not alone.  

Check the links below for more information on the services mentioned in this article.


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