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Five ways to prepare your child for school

Five ways to prepare your child for school

 Starting school can be very scary for children so preparing your child for school is essential to make the transition a little bit easier for your child, below are five ways you can get your child ready for school.  

1. Do a trial run

Familiarise them with the route to school, the timings, the classroom and meet the teacher.
Getting to know the route and the surroundings all help your child to feel comfortable so that when they begin on their first day, they are not unsettled and stressed.

This also goes for the classroom and meeting the teacher on a one to one basis before being put in a room with 20-30 other children who all have the same needs.

Children love routine, all parents know that, so if you can begin to create a structure that incorporates the same timings then this will help your child. They will know exactly what to do and when, out of the door just after breakfast for example.

2. Organise pre-school play dates

Arranging play dates with other children before they start school is a great idea and it's particularly handy if they’ve been in a nursery where none of the other children are going to the same school or if they’ve been at home with mum and/or siblings helping them get to know a few others who will be in the same class will help immensely.

It will also help you, as the parent, as you will remember names to talk to them about and keep the lines of communication open.

3. Make it fun

Talk to them about all the positive aspects of starting school such as new friends, new shoes, learning loads ...
Each child will have an aspect of starting a new school that they will find great delight in. It might be new friends, learning new skills, being more grown up like the other big boys and girls. It might even be getting to wear a posh pair of new shoes that they picked themselves and will get to wear for the first time. 

4. Get them kitted out
As long as they have the right uniform and things to aid their learning and all properly labelled they’ll be great. The most important thing is to ensure that they can recognise their name so that clothes don’t get mixed up for P.E. and pencils don’t go wandering. 

5. Give them a head start

Teach them to read and write their name before they start school.
Find a suitable workbook for your child to practice and ultimately read and spell their own name. This will enhance their learning and grow their confidence so that they don’t feel left behind in the classroom. It encourages their independence and empowers them knowing that they can identify their own peg and mark their artwork confidently.

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