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Yuliana Topazly
Your guide to the social networks your kids use

Your guide to the social networks your kids use

Facebook is a social network which lets you create a page about yourself. You can add friends, write on people’s pages, share photos and videos including live videos. Facebook Messenger allows you to instant message in group chats or one to one. Facebook allows live streaming.

What do I need to know about Facebook and Messenger?
Netaware spoke to parents to find out what they think about Facebook and Messenger. They also asked children and young people what they think. Here's what they said:

What do children and young people say to look out for:
48% of the children and young people who reviewed Facebook and Facebook Messenger thought that it can be risky. The key risks they told us about were:

  • Talking to strangers, or having strangers view their profile
  • Lack of privacy and a feeling that anyone can find and add them
  • Adverts and pop-ups which aren’t appropriate for young people
  • Coming across disturbing or upsetting videos
  • Hackers

Why young people like it:
The main things that young people told us they liked about this site were:

  • Talking to their friends and sharing photos and videos
  • You can keep up to date with what’s happening in the world
  • The funny videos and memes

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